Szplin Ramps

Szplin is a group of homies who couldn't find a place to do their skate stuffs, and decided to start producing skate equipment on their own. The tempo of business development exceeded their wildest expectations, so they started to looking for a way to stop never-ending phone calls asking about products. And I helped them to do it in a way, that fits their brand.

The Polish industry of skatepark and skateboard obstacle producers isn’t any big. There are only a few companies, many of them began working at the beginning of the ’00s. Websites of a significant part of that companies stay in that times. The main aim of the projects was to create a website, that will distinguish in comparison to competitors' websites, and enhancement the brand image.

The audience of the website can be divided into two groups - the first one is people riding skateboards, BMXs or scooters. They are adult skaters or teenagers with their parents, usually interested in skate stuff and probably know Szplin Ramps. The second group is city officials, who are looking for companies which build or repair skateparks in their city. For them, Szplin has nice .docx files.

Szplin did not give any restrictions - they accepted the project prepared by me without any reservations, and I am very grateful to them because the implementation of the order was pure fun. I intended to complete the project in a maximum of two weeks because I've decided not to take the computer on vacation.

In the case of this work I played several roles, implementing them fully on my own. I took care of research, the design of the project, and then implementation. I also helped with technical SEO optimization.