is a Polish start-up brand with a wide selection of furniture and accessories for both residential and commercial spaces. They delivered furniture from their versatile lineup to over 20 000 customers. Brand new store was supposed to make it easier to find exactly what their customers are looking for.

In 2022 I’ve worked with on two projects - full redesign of store and so-called Summer Update, which included new features such as wishlist, quiz and more customer-friendly customer dashboard. You will find here presentation of both, but if you’re interested in specific one, click one of links in line above.


Users and audience

Users are mostly women from 25-34's and 35-44’s age groups, mainly from Germany and France. They prefer to browse products on smartphone (usually Safari on iPhone), and if they decided to make a purchase, they do it on the desktop version of store. There are also two groups of users: first one looking for accessories and smaller furnitures to upgrade their space. Second one are customers who bought new home or moved to other city, and need to furnish whole home.

Problem statement

While watching HotJar recordings, talking with Customer Services and diving into GA and Shopify Analitycs, I’ve notice that some part of customers can’t find products, they’re looking for. For example - seen on Instagram one product, and can’t find it at the store. It was starting point into analyze store in terms of browsing products lists and reaching most important informations about chosen product.

Roles and responsibilities

I was in charge of the research, concept, design, and implementation. The first three steps I completed almost entirely on my own, consulting with other designers on my conclusions and ideas. When the time came for implementation, Tomek joined my team and assisted me. We divided the code responsibilities: I was in charge of how everything looks, and Tomek was in charge of how it works.

Scope and constraints

The project's scope was quite broad, as it included redesigning the entire website and adding some new functionalities while maintaining page speed. There weren't many constraints, and after some thought, I think that the most significant constraint was a small team. Having at least one more full-time designer would, in my opinion, hasten some of the conclusions and ideas.


My research based on analitycs data and interviews with members of Customer Service Team and Marketing Team which are the departments closest to customers. They told me the main issues that clients encounter and the circumstances in which they typically contact The next step was to verify them on HotJar and Google Analitycs. The second tool also told me about customers' backgrounds and gave some insights.


I’ve started the design step of creating a design system, which is based on the current visuals but in a fresher way. Inside the design system appears e.g., typography hierarchy, main colors, buttons, inputs, and icon set. When I had a design system, I started creating websites one after another, creating a total of about 30 and refreshing almost 30 blog posts.

Outcomes and lessons

It was the biggest project in my career so far but made me look forward to more challenges like this one. I’ve learned a lot at every stage of the design and implementation process, but the most valuable lesson was that proper organization of the process is the key to success.

After a few months of launching the new website, gets a 15% increase in average session duration, an 8% increase in average order value and a 2.5% decrease in bounce rate (which is not that much, but with ~350k visitors per month, that’s almost 9000 more persons taking a look on products).

Summer update

What’s new?

  • Quiz which was in response to the upcoming Black Friday,
  • Wishlist which is a complement to quiz and also gives the possibility to save products for later,
  • The navigation which was updated to new features and get a little content reorganization,
  • Completely new customer dashboard, helping manage orders and edit customers information.